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Our features elevate your business to new levels of success by engaging with your audience on the world's most popular messaging platform.


Autoreply messages can help to improve customer service, maintain a professional image, manage expectations, and increase efficiency in messaging systems.


Improve customer service, reduce costs, maintain consistency, increase engagement and conversion rates, and collect valuable data in messaging systems.

Export Participants

It allows you to download a list of all the participants in a group chat or a broadcast list. This feature is particularly useful for businesses and organizations.

Explore Bulk WhatsApp Messages

You can send WhatsApp messages to numbers without adding it to your contact list or address book.

Rotate between Multi-Accounts

Reduce the risk of account suspension, increase message limits, and test message effectiveness.

Simple to add a new contact

It can be added manually or it can be imported from a CSV file. It is easier to send to specific groups of people.

Variables in the message

It helps you improve personalization, and relevance, avoid spam filters and increase efficiency.

Variety of message types

It’s supported by various media types, such as images, audio, and text.You can use the Button & List Templates.

SpinTax capability

This feature helps increase the chances of a message being opened, read, and acted upon by the intended audience.

Random time delays in message delivery

Reduce the risk of causing network congestion.

Specific days and times

Increase the chances of a message being opened, read, and acted upon by the intended audience.

Save & Schedule campaigns for future delivery

Manage time efficiently, send messages at targeted times.
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It's crafted with the latest trend of design & coded with all modern approaches. It's a robust & multi-dimensional usable template.



It helps you to quickly and easily understand all your Bulk Message reports on WhatsApp Accounts and make informed decisions for subsequent campaigns.

Account Manager

With Waziper, you can manage activity for all your linked WhatsApp accounts in one place, removing the need to sign in to each accounts

File Manager

With the file manager, you can create and view the files/folders hierarchy and access a range of functions like uploading, moving, deleting files, and folders.

Bulk Message Report

It provides all campaign statistics such as Campaign name, Contact name, min and max second delay, Phone number and the status of them which can help you measure the effectiveness of your campaign.

Single Campaign Report

Helping you understand a summary of the campaign report detailing a specified time period, such as start and end time. It supports you make data-driven decisions to drive conversions.


An essential component of any website as they provide a quick and convenient way for users to find answers to common questions.
Interactive messages

Button and List Message Templates

Create interactive messages with buttons. Create a list of items or options for customers

Button Templates

Provide interactive buttons for recipients to click on. The buttons can be customized with different text or URLs and can be used to offer a range of actions or options for the recipients to choose from

List Message Templates

Quickly send a list of items to customers without having to type out each item individually. The template can be customized to include relevant information such as product images, descriptions, and prices.
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"Exactly what I'm looking for"

Innovative tool to enhance our content planning and creation processes for both our agency and clients.
David Nicolas
Agency owner

"High quality design"

I'm Very well organized tool with stunning high quality design. Amazing platform! Thank you so much!
Ara A.
Product Designer

"Managing accounts easily"

This tool has made sharing our story and building our brand on social media so much easier.
Nev W.D95.
SEO leader

"Good Services"

This platform is a wonderful tool as well as the service team is serious, professional and quickly.
Scarlett D.
Marketing Manager

"Visual calendar excellent"

Scheduling posts is an absolute breeze, effortlessly construct a post from a draft and schedule within seconds.
Anete Lusina

"Effortless Content Generation"

For anyone involved in creating and scheduling content on social media, this is a tool should not be missed.
Tudor Serea
Social Media Marketer

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